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The Study of Assessing Youths’ Restaurant Entrepreneurship Competency: The Development and Examination of the Inventory
  • Meng-Lei Yi-Chen Monica Hu,
  • Yu-Hsi Yuan
Meng-Lei Yi-Chen Monica Hu
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Yu-Hsi Yuan
Jinwen University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study aims to explore the construction and examination of the questionnaire. A qualitative and quantitative method was combined and implied in this study. In the qualitative phase, the in-depth interviews of experts had applied for item development at first. The Delphi technique had used for item modification and alignment. In the quantitative phase, EFA had employed for initial construction validity examination. Hereafter, the CFA in structural equation modeling had implemented for validity and reliability test. Based on this study, a well-constructed instrument for assessing youths’ restaurant entrepreneurship competency had developed for further implementation of entrepreneur education and inspire youths’ entrepreneur potential. The literature on restaurant entrepreneurship competency highlighted a competency and the relationship between the executives of small restaurant companies; the development of the new venture also gained significant attention in the hospitality industry. Therefore, restaurant talents should gain restaurant entrepreneurship competency from the education system. The findings contribute to the understanding of the main attributes of restaurant entrepreneurship competency in the context of Taiwanese practitioners.