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The effect of leaders' emotion on team members' creativity and performance in South Korean ICT service companies
  • Nam Yong Jo,
  • KC Lee
Nam Yong Jo
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KC Lee
Sungkyunkwan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We examined the influence of team members’ emotional reactions to leaders’ emotional displays, and their effect on creativity and job performance in temporally different types of teams. To reveal the variables’ relations, surveys were conducted on total 256 questionnaires in which 50 teams exist. All the data samples were garnered from three South Korean ICT service companies, and they were classified into two temporal types: temporary and permanent. We found that, although team members’ positive emotions affect their creativity positively in both types, leaders’ negative emotions affect members’ creativity positively only in temporary teams. These results offer implications for the way leaders should control their displays of emotions to enhance their team members’ creativity and performance.