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Do we form or deform? Qualitative Investigation in Public Hospitals of Madrid
  • María Jesús Gómez Camuñas,
  • Purificación González Villanueva
María Jesús Gómez Camuñas

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Purificación González Villanueva
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Qualitative design with an ethnographic approach, to achieve the objective of the study.
Data collection
The data has been collected through these information collection techniques:
Participant observation consisting of analysis of documents, interviews with subjects and informants, participation in the field, direct observation and introspection 13; registering systematically in a journal, together with the field notes.
In-depth interviews are carried out, through two techniques:
Unstructured interviews with open questions.
Semi-structured interviews through a Guide of questions, extracted from previous observation sessions or interviews.
These interviews are, in turn, formal and informal, conducted individually or in groups 13:
In the formal ones, the participants are asked to sign the informed consent in order to be recorded and their consent after the transcription of the same.
Informal interviews are carried out during the entire period of stay in the unit or center, to any participant who voluntarily chooses to talk with the researcher, having prior knowledge of the realization of the same and study information.