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From Grand Bazaar to Grandiose Shopping Malls: Image, Dream and Space in the North of Tehran
  • Fatemeh Ghafari Tavasoli,
  • Hifsiye Pulhan
Fatemeh Ghafari Tavasoli
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Hifsiye Pulhan
Eastern Mediterranean University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper offers a critical perspective on the growing tendency towards luxury in the North of Tehran. Consumption, as the terminal act of 21st century, has created the demand for spaces of leisure. The ideology of consumption emerges at its socio-spatial terms within malls. A relationship between concepts of space, image, and dream can be demonstrated in the shopping mall. Luxury as a concept that stimulates feelings of exclusivity creates dream worlds filled with images of abundance. In this paper, ‘from grand to grandiose’ represents a shift in the socio-cultural dynamics and spatial production in the city of Tehran. With the present situation and the growing urge towards luxury, Tehran is seeking a new image. Citizens of Tehran are becoming tourists in their own city; that is the contradictory nature of producing spaces as mediators of consumer culture in North Tehran and its impact on the City as a whole.