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The effective of task based lanmguage teaching on reading for advanced learners in Cyprus
  • Nadia Ben Amer,
  • Özcan Demirel
Nadia Ben Amer
Nadia Ben Amer and Ozcan Demirel, Nadia Ben Amer and Ozcan Demirel

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Özcan Demirel
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Quantitative and qualitative data were employed to determine whether the task–based teaching method increased participants’ English language reading comprehension. Three instruments were used to collect the data for this study. At the beginning and end of the course, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) on reading was administered to the control group. The experimental group, which was taught reading only using the technology-based teaching method, was assessed using the IELTS. The second instrument was a checklist observation. The researcher visited the classes of the experimental group at the beginning of the semester before the treatment was implemented and administered the IELTS. Then, the instructors applied the task–based method. The second instrument involves observations checklist of three instructors in class to determine which teaching method and mode is widely used by teachers to deliver their lecture. The last part involves questionnaires to determine if there are any similarities between task-based and the traditional methods of teaching reading English. The treatment of this study lasted for one hour per week for one semester (12 weeks).