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Moderating Role of Demographic Characteristics in Breast Cancer Awareness and the Behavioural Disposition of Women in Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Tolulope Allo,
  • Patrick Edewor,
  • Imhonopi, David O.
Tolulope Allo
Covenant University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Patrick Edewor
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Imhonopi, David O.
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This study is aimed at examining the moderating role of demographic characteristics in facilitating breast cancer awareness among women in relation to their behavioural disposition to the disease. The study adopted the descriptive (survey) and cross-sectional research designs to elicit information from women of adult age selected across five Local Government Areas in Ogun state. The data, collected through questionnaire were analysed through the use of a variance-based SEM Partial Least Square (PLS). The result shows that demographic characteristics (age and education) had a positive significant effect and jointly explain 74.9% of the variance in the breast cancer awareness and behavioural disposition among women in the study area. The findings revealed that a significant number of women with breast cancer have not acquired useful knowledge that could potentially be used to diagnose, prevent, and manage the disease. Unfortunately, the practice of Breast Self-Examination is grossly low among Nigerian women, as a consequence, only 20-30% of the women in study areas, including professionals know of the benefits of BSE and only a smaller percentage practice BSE. There is therefore a need to educate women on the benefits of this simple life saving procedure through the consistent use of media platforms.
25 Aug 2019Published in Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences volume 7 issue 19 on pages 3281-3286. 10.3889/oamjms.2019.671