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The Social Construction of Organizational Learning: Examining The Epistemology of Master Degree Curricula
  • Daniel Dayton
Daniel Dayton
Colorado Technical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This is a phenomenological study of the communication processes around quality in a symphony chorus. Based upon intensive observations, interviews and participation in rehearsals and concerts over a five-month period, the study develops a narrative of the organization's endeavors to achieve quality musical performances. Data were analyzed via the theoretical construct of coordinated management of meaning theory using narrative, metaphor and episodic analysis. Individual and organizational understanding of the phenomena of communication about shared vision of quality were analyzed via organizational learning theory and complexity leadership theory, based upon phenomenological reduction analysis of participant interviews. Findings revealed relationships between level of academic degree of the study participants and their understandings of these phenomena. The findings indicated a bifurcation of ontological understanding between master degree holders and the understandings of either bachelor or doctoral degree holders, suggesting possible epistemological issues in master degree curricula