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Whether Language is an Imperfect Instrument in Locke's Philosophy of Language
  • Khanh Trinh
Khanh Trinh
De La Salle University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the opening of Book III of his Essay, Locke states that God provided men with language, which was intended to serve as the primary tool and universal communication medium within society. This paper aims to examine the effectiveness of language as a tool in Locke’s philosophy of language. The article is divided into three sections. The initial segment will examine the overall depiction of Locke’s language theory, with a closer examination of the importance of words in relation to the purpose of language. In the following section, I will examine objections raised by contemporary philosophers regarding the role of language. In the preceding part, I endeavor to address these objections by examining Locke’s perspective on language abuses and remedies and scrutinizing relevant passages pertaining to these issues. The paper’s conclusion asserts that language is an indispensable tool for communication.