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The contribution of e-governance initiative Common Service Centers (CSCs) in the technological advancement of the rural population
  • Ahammed Rizwan Ummath
Ahammed Rizwan Ummath
University of Delhi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The purpose of this study is to determine whether e-governance measures such as implementing common service centers (CSCs) helped in contributing to the technological knowledge, advancement, and awareness of the rural population especially in the case of rural Kerala. This research uses a qualitative approach for collecting primary data by using questionnaire from respondents belonging to the study. Also, the study uses secondary data from government reports on e-governance, journals, books, websites, and others as main sources to define e-governance and to familiarize in what ways and how the ICT-driven e-governance initiatives are providing services to rural populations. This paper focuses on CSCs and its contribution to technological advancement in rural Kerala.