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Exploring the role of schools in promoting social inclusion and diversity in Indian society
  • Adbhut Pratap Singh,
Adbhut Pratap Singh
University of Lucknow

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The present study is guided by philosophical assumptions that embrace a constructivist perspective, recognize subjective experiences, and emphasize social justice, humanistic values, cultural relativism, and critical inquiry. The qualitative research approach allows for an in-depth exploration of inclusive education practices, while the purposive sampling approach selects participants with relevant experiences. The sample size of 48 participants, including administrators, teachers, and students from diverse backgrounds, was determined by data saturation. Semi-structured interviews and a comprehensive literature review were conducted as data collection methods. Thematic analysis was employed to analyse the collected data and identify recurring themes and patterns. The findings were used to develop context-mechanism-outcome (CMO) configurations, highlighting the mechanisms enabling or hindering social inclusion and diversity in schools. Ethical considerations were prioritized, ensuring informed consent, privacy, anonymity, and data protection. The research paper adhered to ethical guidelines and maintained transparent communication with participants.