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Intimacy and Idenity
  • Komal Rajoria
Komal Rajoria
Tata Institute of Social Science Hyderabad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the framework of Indian society, this abstract explores the complex relationship between intimacy and identity. It emphasises the lack of public dialogue on these ideas as well as their significant ramifications. It suggests that a lack of identity creation during maturity may lead to its formation through close relationships. With reference to literary phrases in Urdu and Hindi poetry, the shifting impact of intimacy on one’s identity is examined. Notably, the abstract emphasises the significant number of Indian youth—more than 229 million people—and investigates the changing dynamics of intimacy and identity within this demographic.  The study emphasises the need of self-awareness as a requirement for establishing intimate relationships by drawing on psychological models, particularly Erikson’s developmental stages. Furthermore, it highlights the pivotal roles of intimacy and identity play in an individual’s well-being, citing the works by many psychologists. The purpose of the study is to explore different perspectives on intimacy among people ages 18 to 24 is briefly hinted at in the abstract.