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ScholarOne - Limitless Experience through Limited Consumption: Psychedelics, Mystical Mindfulness, and Sustainable Corporate Leadership Development
  • Joshua Nunziato
Joshua Nunziato
University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mindfulness may be defined as the non-focal awareness of consciousness as the condition of all one's focal awareness. Cultivating mindfulness is a powerful discipline for corporate leadership development. Beyond performance enhancement, mindfulness can elicit transformative awareness of the conditions of better leadership. Mystical mindfulness---the product of mystical experience reflectively integrated with everyday mindfulness---is a direct, intuitive awareness of consciousness as an infinite source of potentially limitless experience mediated through finite bodies. A guided, high-dose psychedelic trip can facilitate the deeply-felt insight that limited consumption---consistent with the health of the human body, the equitable distribution of social resources, and the regenerative capacity of the biosphere---can occasion limitlessly-expansive opportunities for experience. It is possible and necessary to decouple the growth of tangible resource consumption from the growth of the capabilities for producing and enjoying new experiences. Such recognition provides leaders motivational orientation for creating and managing businesses that address our unsustainability crisis.