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ScholarOne - The future-perfect of teacher surveillance: biometrics, artificial intelligence and complicity
  • Damien Page
Damien Page
Buckinghamshire New University - High Wycombe Campus

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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With risk positioned as a central educational imperative within education policy at a national and institutional level, the surveillance of teachers has proliferated, becoming embedded in the very fabric of schools, enacted through architecture, cultures and, especially, technology. With a growing rapidity since the pandemic, teaching has increasingly exploited technological advancement, particularly AI and biometrics, as a means of augmenting pedagogy and manging bureaucracy. However, recent developments in classroom technology also allow a greater surveillance of teachers, technology that allows surveillance to move from observing to sensing that can more completely and accurately predict future performance. This article traces the liquidity of private sector surveillance into classroom applications, presenting a model of the surveillant classroom across three actions: measurement, modelling and simulation before concluding with a consideration of the complicity embedded within the future-perfect of teacher surveillance.