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ScholarOne - The Impact of an Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Program Implementing Project-Based Learning with the Moodle Platform on Achievement Rate and Systemic Thinking Among University Students
  • Shahinaz Osman
Shahinaz Osman
University of Khartoum Development Studies and Research Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study investigates the effectiveness of an innovative multi-approach learning program that integrates an AI-Enabled Program Implementing Project-Based Learning with the Moodle Platform in enhancing the achievement rate and systemic thinking abilities of university students. The research sample consisted of 100 students enrolled in an educational technology and communication course at an educational college during the second semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. To achieve the research objectives, the study followed several steps. Firstly, the sample was divided into an experimental group, which received instruction using the proposed multi-approach program, and a control group, which underwent conventional instruction. By exposing the two groups to different learning environments, the effectiveness of the new program was compared to the conventional approach. Additionally, a scoring rubric was developed and utilized to assess systemic thinking skills through observation. The findings of the study revealed statistically significant differences in the average achievement rates over time between the experimental and control groups during both pre- and post-evaluations. Moreover, there were differences in the average observation scores for systemic thinking between the two groups.