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Advance Relationalism and communnication theory wthout Title page
  • Sumitra Balakrishnan
Sumitra Balakrishnan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Despite claims that social networks lack theoretical foundations, this paper is part of a larger movement in relational sociology that aims to move beyond structuralist explanations of social networks and develop a more sound and theoretically supported understanding of what networks actually are. It connects various bodies of literature ranging from sociological theory to research on interpersonal relationships and social network analysis. It places the relational approach to analysing communication within the larger field of organizational communication, and seeks its fit with organisational and organisational communication theories. The paper majorly reviews works of sociologists like George Simmel, Harrison White, Pierre Bourdieu and Niklas Luhmann, along with research by active or visible contemporary relational sociologists like Fuhse, Crossley, P. Donati, Charles Tilly, and Liang and Liu to explain the impact of relational sociology on thoughts of structure and social network in organization.
Key words: Relationalism, structuration, organization, organisational communication, Theory in Social Network Analysis