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A Critical Content Analysis of Racial and Cultural Bias In Early Childhood Education Teacher Preparation Textbooks
  • Crystasany Turner,
  • Michele Turner
Crystasany Turner

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Michele Turner
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Through critical race theory (CRT) in education, this critical content analysis examines three textbooks used in an early childhood teacher education program. Findings illustrate how the textbooks propagate notions of white superiority and the normalcy of mainstream white, middle-class values through six distinct, yet intersecting forms of racial and cultural biases—presumption of deficit, selective xenophobia, assumption of privilege, coded language/invisible words, statistical violence, and cultural shaming. In discussion, the authors encourage teacher educators to 1) engage in critical reflection toward unlearning whiteness; 2) offer diverse perspectives in their instructional material; and 3) empower teacher candidates to critique the curricular material provided toward dismantling white supremacy in early childhood teacher preparation.