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Facebook, Art-related Communicative Action, and the Public Sphere
  • Ilkka Salomäenpää
Ilkka Salomäenpää
University of Jyväskylä

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Facebook functions as an intermediary for the art-related communicative action. If earlier the publicity of art has been controlled by institutions, now on social media the institutional art world and the outsider of the institutional recognition, the art life activity, function more equally. The users have possibilities for professional participation and action without the steering systems. I have proved in my doctoral thesis, Art Life as Communicative Action on Facebook (2022), that social media has possibilities to build the new public spheres. In this Crosscurrents article, I am interested in how the development could help the Finnish art and cultural policy to aim towards a more democratic and open system. This demands that institutional actors of state recognize the possibilities and also, the right providers for the services.