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The Grand Challenges are being broadly Incorporated into Social Work Curricula
  • Amy ward,
  • Ronald Manderscheid,
  • Darla Coffey-Spence
Amy ward

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ronald Manderscheid
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Darla Coffey-Spence
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A major purpose of the National Grand Challenges for Social Work (GCSW) Initiative is to transform social work education at all levels. Thus, the GCSW Leadership Group has undertaken two national surveys of social work training programs to determine how the GCSW are being incorporated into curricula. This paper reports the results from a second survey conducted in the fall of 2019 to assess the degree to which the GCSW are being incorporated into social work curricula and identifies interdisciplinary collaborations that are taking place to address the GCSW. The data collected and referenced within this article strengthen the call to action for the importance and relevance of additional expansion of the GCSW.