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Visualizing the Research Development and Hotspots in Digital Literacy
  • Kyung Hee Park

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kyung Hee Park
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This study conducted a visual study of 4,018 literature correlated to digital literacy from 1993 to 2022 using CiteSpace, and analyzed the research hot spots and frontier trends of digital literacy. According to the visual mappings and related literature content, the development of digital literacy can be classified into three stages: a slow development stage (1993-2004), a steady development stage (2005-2016), and a rapid development stage (2017-present). Research hot spots on digital literacy mainly focus on factors affecting digital literacy, teaching/learning strategies based on digital literacy, and the digital divide. A frontier issue about digital literacy is online learning. As a result, this study reviewed and summarized related research on digital literacy and provided a suggestion for future research and practice in this field.