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Challenges of International Students in Their Host Countries: A Trend Analysis
  • Omotoyosi Oduwaye,
  • Askin Kiraz,
  • yasemin sorakin
Omotoyosi Oduwaye
Near East University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Askin Kiraz
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yasemin sorakin
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This study examined articles about the challenges faced by international students published in research journals and databases over 21 years (2002 – 2022). All data on articles and related documents published in Scopus, Taylor & Francis, EBSCO, Web of Science, Springer, and Wiley Online were extracted. Content analysis was used in the data analysis. Search keywords like international student issues, challenges of international students, and international students’ problems were used to find related articles from the selected databases and analyze the articles. A total of 175 articles were analyzed.
Apart from the topics, additional data collected from the research articles are year of publication, language, country, author(s), citation counts and type of international student challenges.