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Searching For Traces of Pragmatism
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  • Oktay Bektaş,
  • Melek Karaca,
  • Seyide Eroğlu,
  • Gürcü Ebru Özkılıç,
  • Kübra Nur Yiğit
Oktay Bektaş
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Melek Karaca
Erciyes University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Seyide Eroğlu
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Gürcü Ebru Özkılıç
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Kübra Nur Yiğit
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Researchers must present a philosophical rationale to conceptualize and operationalize the mixed research method. This study aims to examine to what extent 27 studies published in the last five years reflect the characteristics of pragmatism. We identified these studies using the PRISMA model and analyzed the abstracts, keywords, and introductions of the studies with content analysis. We concluded that researchers need to make more efforts to reflect the philosophical perspective in the abstract and introduction. We propose a framework for researchers using the mixed research method to use the features of pragmatism. We believe that the relevant framework will contribute to mixed methods research.