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A Comparative Study of Inter-Regional Intra-Industry Disparity

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In this paper, the main motivation of this research study is to measure inter-regional intra-industry disparity within the selected Indian manufacturing industry groups and industrial states. Using three measures Output-Capital Ratio, Capital-Labour Ratio, and Output-Labour Ratio, we critically measured the disparity level of average labour productivity, the marginal efficiency of capital, and capital intensity. The paper also measured and compared the rate of disparity of per-capita income between six major industrial states. We determined the reasons for lack of industrialization: unequal distribution of skillful labours and upgraded technologies. We suggested in this chapter to the policymakers to campaign more for the labour training schemes and new technologies promotion schemes equally in every corner of the country.
11 Nov 2023Published in GeoJournal volume 88 issue 6 on pages 6467-6482. 10.1007/s10708-023-10979-3