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Linking Person Supervisor Fit with Employee Performance and Work Engagement: The Mediating Role of LMX
  • Muhammad Zakiy
Muhammad Zakiy
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Leaders have become a key factor in determining the future of an organization. For this reason, support from leaders is very influential on work engagement and employee performance in the organization. Leaders can form a conducive work atmosphere so that employees can be motivated to work. This study aims to link person supervisor fit to employee performance and work engagement mediated by a leader-member exchange. Respondents in this study were employees of 6 Islamic banks in the province of DIY. Collecting data through questionnaires were distributed online and offline to 158 employees of Islamic Banks. Data were analyzed through SEM-PLS using SMART-PLS software. The results of this study prove that PS-Fit can have a positive effect on employee performance and work engagement. In addition, this study can also examine the role of LMX as a mediating variable that connects PS-Fit to employee performance and employee work engagement. For this reason, managers at Islamic Banks need to optimize the role of leaders in the company, such as improving interpersonal relationships with employees in order to improve employee performance and employee work engagement.