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Theory Model for the Integration
  • Boyd Novak
Boyd Novak

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article develops a theory integrating psychological safety and psychological availability within the context of human resource development (HRD) objectives. While research on psychological safety, a willingness to take an interpersonal risk, has blossomed over the past two decades, no theoretical modeling has been offered with links to psychological availability as originally proposed by Kahn (1990). Through the employment of Dubin’s (1969) theory-building method, this article develops the integration of psychological safety and psychological availability with a systems framework. A literature review is conducted to define and assess the proposed operational units within the theoretical model focused on inputs, mediating processes, outputs, and feedback input. Implicit voice is proposed as a feedback input that attempts to assess the role of an individual’s prior experiences in the system process. Dubin’s (1969) remaining steps for theory construction are completed, up to the point of empirical research. Finally, implications of research, theory, and practice within the field of HRD are examined.