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  • Brad Curabba
Brad Curabba

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With the rise in liberal arts universities around the world it is apparent that the value of a liberal arts education is becoming increasingly important in today's knowledge economy. What is less known are the attitudes towards liberal arts and general education studies that are held by students in countries without a strong liberal arts tradition. By knowing students' perceptions of liberal arts and general education courses; as well as, understanding their previous educational background, I believe we can then begin to create an academic environment that may help more students persist and succeed in their undergraduate studies. In this mixed-methods study, I surveyed students at the American University of Sharjah in order to (1) gain an understanding of their secondary education experience, and (2) their initial understanding and perception of a liberal arts education and general education courses. As a result of this research I will offer suggestions for courses, seminars and faculty development courses in order to both reduce the numbers of students entering into academic probation and to increase the retention rate of our students
22 May 2024Submitted to Advance
27 May 2024Published in Advance