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Direction of Business Performance Metrics: A Bibliometric and Thematic Review
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  • Rewan Kumar Dahal,
  • Dipendra Karki,
  • Binod Ghimire,
  • Rajesh Gurung,
  • Surendra Prasad Joshi
Rewan Kumar Dahal
Dipendra Karki

Corresponding Author:

Binod Ghimire
Rajesh Gurung
Surendra Prasad Joshi


This study presents a thematic review of the Direction of Business Performance Metrics through a bibliometric analysis framework to map the multidimensionality of research in this vital area. Sourcing data from the Dimensions database spanning from 1965 to 2024, the study utilizes the VosViewer tool for visualization and analysis. Its approach includes co-authorship analysis, citation analysis, and bibliographic coupling, offering a multifaceted view of the field's research dynamics. It identified significant trends, influential studies, and core themes that have indicated a notable shift toward integrating sustainability and technological advancements in performance metrics. By emphasizing the significance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the study provides crucial insights into the historical evolution of research and emerging areas of interest, guiding directions for future investigation. This study serves as a crucial resource for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers seeking to deepen their understanding of business performance metrics and their impact on organizational success.
24 Apr 2024Submitted to Advance
25 Apr 2024Published in Advance