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ScholarOne - Problems and Improvement Strategies of Learning Autonomy of Professional Degree Graduate Students from the Perspective of Integration between Industry and Education
  • Hangfei Qian,
  • Keke Chen,
  • Feizhong Zheng
Hangfei Qian
Wenzhou Medical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Feizhong Zheng
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The integration between industry and education plays an important role in the training of professional degree graduate students, it puts forward higher requirements for the autonomy of post-graduate learning. Based on the theory of autonomous learning, this paper investigates and analyzes the learning autonomy of professional degree graduate students from the perspective of industry-teaching integration in the dimensions of learning motivation and strategy, the autonomous learning level of professional degree graduate students is low, the autonomous learning ability of doctoral candidates is weaker than that of master’s degree, and the autonomous learning level of universities is different. Therefore, we should self-drive learning motivation and self-regulate learning strategies; Improve the self-efficacy of doctoral candidates, pay attention to career development planning, and optimize the process of doctoral training; Attach importance to the improvement of self-learning ability of graduate students, strengthen the construction of academic culture, and strengthen the construction of basic resources.
04 Feb 2024Submitted to Advance
09 Apr 2024Published in Advance