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ScholarOne - War on Ideology: Radical Nationalism, Orthodoxy, and Challenges to Democracy in Post-War Societies
  • Erna Anjarwati
Erna Anjarwati
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The study aims to deepen the understanding of the rise of radical nationalism and the politicization of religion in the 21st century as this marks the battleground for an ideological formation that contributes to the growth of fascism and its far-right nationalist movements in the transitional period of war-torn societies. Myanmar, Bosnia, and Iran are selected to represent the case study analyses as they disclose the ways in which the existence of multi-ethnic societies of those countries have been struggling to deal with the politics of ethnocentrism and the politicization of religion that have been contributing to the rise of ethno-fascist ideology and political violence. These challenges perpetuate prolonged identity-based conflicts that hinder long-term peace building efforts for the promotion of social reconciliation among the warring parties and the manifestation of democratic practices and pluralism in the early stage of the transitional period.
02 Feb 2024Submitted to Advance
09 Apr 2024Published in Advance