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ScholarOne - The Relationships among Impulsivity, Vigilance and False Start Penalties for Offensive Linemen in the National Football League (NFL)
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  • James Bowman,
  • Daniel Krywaruczenko,
  • Brandon De Flon,
  • R. Boone
James Bowman
Great Neck Public Schools

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Daniel Krywaruczenko
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Brandon De Flon
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Each year, many factors are considered in the NFL draft process, including scouting reports, interviews, medical tests, and measures of strength, speed, anthropometry, and personality. Recently, an increased emphasis has been placed on the measurement of cognitive abilities. Historically, offensive linemen have been excluded from NFL research, since they do not have individual performance statistics like other positions. In this study, indicators of vigilance/impulsivity were obtained from 315 offensive linemen from 2014-2021 prior to their NFL draft. False start penalties per game (FSPG) was used as a dependent measure, as a proxy to success on the field. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses, indicated that higher accuracy on a Choice Reaction Time task accounted for a statistically significant increase in the explanation of FSPG, after controlling for draft placement. Given the increasing use of cognitive assessment in the NFL, the utility of these assessments is discussed within the player development process.
20 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
03 Apr 2024Published in Advance