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ScholarOne - Does Personality Matter in EFL Communicative Teaching? A Dispositional Perspective of Teacher Immediacy
  • Xian Chen,
  • Rafik-Galea Shameem
Xian Chen
Taizhou University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Rafik-Galea Shameem
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English as a Foreign Language (EFL) pedagogy is a complicated process in which various psychological elements, including personality characteristics and socio-interactive preferences contribute to the effectiveness of teacher-learner communication. Based on the Big Five Personality Dimensions, this qualitative study explored the relationship between EFL teachers’ personality types and instructional immediacy. The findings revealed that extraversion, agreeableness, and openness induced immediacy and that the opposite ends of agreeableness and self-centeredness precluded immediacy. However, introversion was found to have mixed effects on immediacy, depending on the EFL teachers’ self-awareness of communicative importance. Thus, personality influences communication skills.
19 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
03 Apr 2024Published in Advance