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ScholarOne - Support or Oppose? Analyzing Public Opinion on China’s “Double Reduction” Policy in Education
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  • long Diao,
  • Qi Xiu,
  • Xinrui Feng,
  • Yanan Wang
Xinrui Feng
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Yanan Wang
East China Normal University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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To address the escalating stress of private tutoring, the Chinese government introduced the “Double Reduction” policy, aiming to disconnect private tutoring from financial resources. This policy spurred significant public debate. It’s crucial to understand public perception of this policy for effective implementation. Utilizing data from a national online platform for public complaints and suggestions post-implementation, this study performed automated text analysis and statistical description of public attitudes. Findings indicate that over 60% of comments were ambiguous about the “Double Reduction” policy. Public support initially waned but subsequently grew. In more economically advanced areas, discussions about the policy were common, yet support was lower. Major public concerns revolved around the quality of school education, teacher salaries, and refunds from tutoring institutions. This study underscores the need for enhanced policy implementation. It offers global governance insights from China’s experience in regulating private tutoring, outlining major challenges and strategies.
19 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
03 Apr 2024Published in Advance