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ScholarOne - The Impact of Evaluation Tools on the Proficiency of 10th and 12th Grade Student in Indonesian Language at Yogyakarta
  • Arum Dwi Hastutiningsih,
  • Amat Jaedun,
  • nuryadin raharjo
Arum Dwi Hastutiningsih
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Amat Jaedun
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nuryadin raharjo
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The objective of this research is to evaluate the validity and effectiveness of assessing the competencies of 10th and 12th grade students at SMAN 7 Yogyakarta in the Indonesian language using assessment instruments such as essays, multiple-choice questions, and quizzes. The study subjects were Indonesian language teachers at SMAN 7, Yogyakarta. The research utilized qualitative data. The results indicated that the use of assessment instruments in the Indonesian language subject on students' competencies is valid and effective, depending on each student's abilities, as not all students possess the same level of competency. Several factors must be considered for students, including the use of appropriate assessment instruments. According to the informants, this involves a system in which students provide feedback to one another. Students' work should not only be evaluated based on academic grades, but also on their attitudes. The assessment instruments at SMAN 7 Yogyakarta are currently providing efficient evaluations. In addition to essays, multiple-choice, and quiz instruments, other instruments used include books, pictures, video playback, and adapting the given subject matter. The assessment process involves enrichment for students who meet the minimum competency criteria and remedial measures for those who do not. The last factor influencing assessment is not only the students' ability to answer questions or solve problems, but also the neatness of their writing.
04 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
01 Apr 2024Published in Advance