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ScholarOne - Frantz Fanon’s Political Thought on Tabula Rasa: A Recommendation for Racial Justice
Wits University School of Social Sciences

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Fanon's political thought on tabula rasa is highly still in demand by the racialised subjects who continue to daily experience racial injustice. Uniquely, his political thought on how the racialised black subjects should be free, is still relevant to contemporary politics in a sense that it resonates with the current political and racial problems. Fanon remains distinctive in his dialectics, as his dialectics have the potential to create the conditions for existential lives for the racialised black subjects. Using qualitative as an approach, this article justifies such a distinctiveness based on the fact that Hegel's and Marx's dialectics are limited to an end, while Fanon's dialectics are renewal and continual---linked to an enduring struggle. This is the recommended struggle---a highway for racialised black subjects to durable racial justice for all. Based on the fact that tabula rasa is explained as a potential tool for the creation of a new beginning and new humanism, this article elucidates that genuine and durable racial justice for all cannot happen without the intervention of tabula rasa. Why? Because, for Fanon, tabula rasa disposes the minimum of what the oppressed and racialised subjects have willed, called for, or demanded.
11 Sep 2023Submitted to Advance
01 Apr 2024Published in Advance