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ScholarOne - Team Interventions for Hybrid Teams: ‘Let’s Collaborate ASAP!’
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  • Catherine Collins,
  • Kerry Humphreys,
  • Dean Lusher,
  • Mengting (Rachel) Xia,
  • Keyao Li,
  • Mark Griffin
Catherine Collins
University of New South Wales

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kerry Humphreys
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Dean Lusher
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Mengting (Rachel) Xia
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Mark Griffin
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Our paper analyses commonly utilized team interventions and highlights where these remain applicable for hybrid teams. Drawing on interdependence theory, we argue that current team interventions tend to build high levels of task interdependence, encouraging ‘let’s collaborate ASAP’, which may contribute to an ‘always on’ culture. We then recommend novel interventions for hybrid teams focusing on goal and knowledge interdependence and embracing work uncertainties in Industry 4.0. These interventions come from Automation / artificial intelligence, Sociology, and Accounting, complementing those from organizational Psychology. We conclude that teams should still ‘collaborate ASAP’, but with interdisciplinary interventions rather than ‘always on’ urgency.
24 Apr 2023Submitted to Advance
13 Mar 2024Published in Advance