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Sustainable Leadership: A Phenomenological Study of CEO Wellbeing
  • charlotte wiseman,
  • Yannick Jacob,
  • Meggy Belowski
charlotte wiseman
Charlotte Wiseman Ltd

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Yannick Jacob
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Meggy Belowski
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While the links between wellbeing and performance are well demonstrated, the topic of CEO wellbeing has received little attention in the research literature. This study offers insights into how CEOs experience and recover from a crisis of wellbeing. Three male CEOs from the professional services industry were interviewed. Three themes emerged from an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the data: energy management, increased responsibility and relationships. Results demonstrate the potential for post-traumatic growth and highlight the need for updated models of resilience and leadership. Pragmatic elements were added to the IPA process in order to arrive at suggestions on how CEOs may better manage and sustain their wellbeing. Implications for the organisation as well as suggested future research are discussed.