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Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research from 2000 to 2020: A Bibliometric Analysis
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Purpose: Entrepreneurship is considered as a major driver of economic growth of a country. So, to understand the process of entrepreneurship and the ecosystem in which entrepreneurship flourishes it has been observed that there is an increase in the studies on entrepreneurship and thus the rise in literature. This review paper reviews the literature available and study the trends of the concepts of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (EE). Entrepreneurship is generally understood to occur at the local level and depends on the regional resources and supporting institutional policies for its operations.
Methodology: This paper uses the data drawn from Scopus indexed publications from 2000 to Dec.2020 and does bibliometric analysis which shows that the concept of EE has taken over other concepts like entrepreneurial environment or environment of entrepreneurship which meant to draw insights into the institutions, mechanism, culture and network which plays important role as a support system to the entrepreneur.
Findings: The paper specifies the pattern of authorship, which are the top journals, top authors and the keywords researched. This multidisciplinary review paper tries to address several specific topics in entrepreneurship and ecosystem like the development and evolution of ecosystems and research methodologies which could be used as a basis for further research. The study finds a raise in the number of scholarly articles in the field of EE, and entrepreneurship, across the world from the year 2010. The study also shows that many of the publications were authored jointly along with between different universities from different countries along with the highlights on trends of authorship, top most journals and most cited research papers.
Limitations: One of the constraints of the article is that it has considered the publications from Scopus indexed publications only.