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Gender Equity, Women Education and National Development in Nigeria
  • Paul Ezinna,
  • Christopher Ugwuibe,
  • Chikaodili Ugwoke
Paul Ezinna

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Christopher Ugwuibe
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Chikaodili Ugwoke
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Gender equity in education generates a push force that accelerates progress across sectors and goals; thus sustainable development. Gender equality constitutes central position in both national and international programmes as an accelerator for achieving development. Women’s place in national development appears subordinated. Thus, this study examined gender equity in education in Nigeria and the impact on national development. Specifically, the study sought to determine the degree of women access to education, ascertain the impact of women education on socio-economic development and determine the factors that constitute barriers to women education in Nigeria. The study discovered that educated women serve as stabilizing factor in national development and recommended ‘soft competition technique’ as the approach that will grant women the needed equity in national development in Nigeria.