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Gendered Justice: The Impact of Gender on Criminal Justice Policies and Legislation throughout the United Kingdom
  • Samantha Perussich
Samantha Perussich
Monash University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article discusses the role of gender in the commission of crime, criminality, and harm prevention, by critically examining the notion of crime within theories about women’s and men’s criminality, and the gendered nature of crime control policies throughout the United Kingdom (UK), England, Wales, and Scotland. Throughout the literature, there has been a continued focus on women needing to be ‘repaired’ when they commit crime, because women are seen as having gone outside the traditional role of what it means to be female. On the other hand, the link between hegemonic masculinity and criminal behaviour among men is often ignored within criminal justice policies. It will be argued that both women and men are failed by a system that does not engage with gendered power and harms within society. A combination of targeted approaches that focus on the factors that lead to offending is required to reduce crime.