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The Inference of Transparency in Effective Team Management In the IT Industry
  • Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A transparent working environment has been observed to have a momentous impact in making teams more effective, happy, and creative (Scholl, 2019). It helps develop consistent communication, apparent and authentic workplaces which help the team to feel secure and proposes ideas enhancing inventiveness (Lencion, 2016). This study examines if there was a significant relationship between a transparent work environment and a sort of creative, effective, and productive functional team in the IT industry that delivers the job in time and within budget without compromising quality. To this end, a questionnaire has been remitted to such a successful team of IT professionals working under various capacities for a software developing company within the IT Industry. GPower and Jamovi have been used to determine the sample size population and analyze the data gathered thru a questionnaire to fetch the purpose of the study. The finding exhibits that there is a significant relationship between the transparent work environment and the creativity, accountability, and productivity.