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Analyzing the Economic Efficiency of Artistic and Cultural Works Risen from Literary Works in Form of Audio and Video Products
Maryam Jalali [email protected]

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nowadays, creative cultural industries perform a prominent role in the economic growth and cultural development. Unfortunately, cultural exports have not found their proper position in developing countries like Iran. The potential opportunity to export cultural products does not easily reach the desired result. The present study scrutinizes the economic efficiency of creative cultural and artistic works focusing on audio and video products. The most important question that the present study seeks to find a suitable answer to is whether the creative cultural industries and especially the creative audio and video media are economically efficient? The present study has been done in terms of basic purpose and descriptive-analytical method. The findings of the present study rely on the library method and include methods such as documentary analysis and meta-analysis of valid research findings. It is noteworthy that the premise of this research is that the design and production of creative cultural works with a focus on audio and video products are conditional on having an efficient economic justification. Findings of the study indicate that both at the micro and macro levels, there is a positive and significant relationship between the production of cultural works and their economic efficiency in Iran. The political recommendation of this research is to adopt a coherent mechanism based on the principles of economics and considering the cultural capacities of the country to increase the design and production of creative cultural industries