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The Resolution of Musical Chords: A Physical Paradigm
  • Steve Mathew
Steve Mathew
Vellore Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In any form of music, the fundamental aspect which gives the most of an essence is the tune of the composition. An integral concept in orchestral music is chords. Chords usually follow the notes of the song, making it harmonious with the overall progression of the performance. Chords are often interchangeable within the scale of the song. The mellifluous effect of chords and the harmony it portrays are self-explanatory and pleasant. There lies a mathematical and physical reason behind the working of these chords and the movement shown by them during the piece. In this study, we look at the fundamental tonal frequencies associated with the notes of the chords and analyze the patterns exhibited and draw meaningful conclusions corroborating the scientific relationship with music and its play, while proposing a new musical phenomenon called ‘tonal inertia’ that seems to potentially explain the musical conventions using physical bases.