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Some Thoughts Regarding Generation Z's Social Abilities Pro
  • László Kárpáti
László Kárpáti

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Parents of the current generation are likely to have difficult times in the future, as it becomes ever more demanding to safeguard their children against the outside world. They also face the new challenge of cooperating and cohabiting with the ones they swore to protect from any harm. As a result of children spending an ever growing number of time stuck to the screens of their devices and handing over long hours to the internet, there is a high risk to be accounted for here, particularly in the life of teenagers. The aim of the present paper is to shed light on the many negative aspects of using smart devices in the everyday life of emerging adults. Beyond revealing these effects, it also seeks to offer feasible and working solutions to the above mentioned issues in order to compensate for the possible negative influences that are to be discussed.