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Propitious time in Entrepreneurship
  • David Leong
David Leong

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Time is not invariant in the entrepreneurial journey. Timing is everything in entrepreneurial venturing. This paper shifts the inquiry of entrepreneurship from micro (traits, characteristics and behaviour) and macro (environmental context) perspective and the multi-level approaches from discovery, creation to co-creation (Garud et al., 2014) to a study of the relevance of time in the entrepreneurial pathway development. The context of luck or exogenous change or external or internal perturbation that may lead to the propitious time to act will be examined with reference to research conducted by Peter R. Darke (Darke & Freedman, 1997). It needs contextualization to fit the entrepreneurial paradigm on the propitious time to enact (Weick & Karl E, 1995) which is the main conceptualization in this paper. The concept of convergence, in a particular spatial-temporal (space-time), between the opportunity and the entrepreneur, is the core of this study and this paper will focus specifically on the extent and nature of this convergence in relation to time. Propitious time to trigger actions when opportunities surface or avoidance when the scale of risks are too large to bear- this study of when to act is therefore central to the theory of entrepreneurship.