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When Assurance Management Systems Matters: Global Industry Performance Level of Implementation of the Assurance Management System for Critical Asset; A Mixed Methods Study
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  • Joseph Tubil,
  • Alexander S. Acosta,
  • Imee C. Acosta,
  • Ivy Corazon Mangaya-ay,
  • Mary Jane Alvero,
  • Eduardo P. Malagapo
Joseph Tubil
Philippine Christian University, Philippine Christian University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Alexander S. Acosta
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Imee C. Acosta
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Ivy Corazon Mangaya-ay
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Mary Jane Alvero
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Eduardo P. Malagapo
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The study is sequential explanatory mixed-methods design utilizing quantitative approach in initial phase supported by the qualitative analysis. On the one hand, the quantitative part of this study addresses the relevant factors that influence industry performance as to the various system and approach implementation for asset management system, mainly on the critical asset with the related assurance management predictor related to the integrated maintenance management system (IMMS). On the other hand, in the qualitative phase, the generative process, competitive process, and preventive process are the essential themes that further explain in determining the worldview and the lived experiences of the purposefully selected respondents.