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The UK Workforce: Changes to Home Working During the Pandemic & What this Means for the Future
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  • Gemma Johns,
  • Sashin Ahuja,
  • Sara Khalil,
  • Mike Ogonovsky,
  • Alka Ahuja
Gemma Johns
NHS Wales & Bristol University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sashin Ahuja
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Sara Khalil
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Mike Ogonovsky
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Alka Ahuja
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Using data from a larger study, a theme on ‘homeworking’ emerged. Data from 437 semi-structured interviews with NHS professionals across a wide range of specialities identified a dominant theme of ‘homeworking’. Using this themed data, a short preliminary article has been produced with an infographic guide that is developed as a generic guide, not just for NHS staff. There are considerable benefits relating to the current changes in working patterns, with now many working from home, however there are also challenges and risks associated to these changes, which require further exploration to ensure that the UK workforce is best utilised, yet protected. This article provides an overview of this data, and a helpful hints and tips infographic. A larger, UK-based study is now underway (in NHS and other) to explore the experience of homeworking, and understand its benefits and challenges in more depth to help inform government policymaking decisions in the UK.