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A mixed methods research approach to investigate undergraduate students' perceptions of changes enforced due to COVID-19
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  • Christina Zourna,
  • 2. Ioanna Papavassiliou-Alexiou,
  • Nikos Koutsoupias,
  • 4. Aikaterini Papakota
Christina Zourna
University of Macedonia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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2. Ioanna Papavassiliou-Alexiou
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Nikos Koutsoupias
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4. Aikaterini Papakota
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This paper presents an empirical mixed methods research investigating undergraduate students' experiences of the changes that occurred at a mid-sized public Greek university during spring semester 2019-2020 due to COVID-19. The research followed a multilevel embedded sequential explanatory design including a participant selection model which came in accordance with the results of the preceding Multiple Correspondence and Hierarchical Cluster Analyses. A contribution of this paper to mixed methods research is the combination of mixed methods paradigm with multivariate data analysis methods.