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Lived experiences of siblings of individuals with Autism
  • Poornima Viswanathan,
  • M. Thomas Kishore,
  • Shekhar Seshadri
Poornima Viswanathan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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M. Thomas Kishore
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Shekhar Seshadri
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Research on the experiences of siblings of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is scarce. The current study included 14 siblings of individuals with ASD to study their lived experiences. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was used to identify the following six themes: (i) Processing and understanding the condition, (ii) Coping with challenging experiences, (iii) Positive aspects of the sibling relationship, (iv) Current and future roles, (v) Support system, and (vi) Needs and expectations. The findings revealed that siblings had poor awareness of ASD and their experiences were predominantly negative. However, siblings minimized their difficulties and needs, and focused more on the needs of the sibling with ASD. These findings have specific implications for support services for siblings of individuals with ASD.