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Exploring depressive symptoms among healthcare professionals and the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil
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  • Alex Bacadini França,
  • Clarissa Trzesniak,
  • Patrícia Waltz Schelini,
  • Gerson Hiroshi Yoshinari Júnior,
  • Luciano Magalhães Vitorino
Alex Bacadini França

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Clarissa Trzesniak
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Patrícia Waltz Schelini
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Gerson Hiroshi Yoshinari Júnior
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Luciano Magalhães Vitorino
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Data collection was carried out between May 11 and June 3, 2020 using an online electronic form, which was prepared by using the Google Forms application. Data collection started three months after the sanction of the Brazilian law which regulates about the quarantine period and specific measures against the new coronavirus. The link was sent through social media networks. The estimated time to fulfill the forms was less than 15 minutes. Participants should be 18 years and over, be in quarantine for at least 15 days (except health professionals), be Brazilian or naturalized and reside in Brazilian territory during the pandemic. Questionnaires with missing data were excluded