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Pilot Study Using AI for Large-scale Survey on Psychology: Blood Type and Personality in Japan
  • Masayuki Kanazawa
Masayuki Kanazawa
Human Science ABO Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The influence of genetic factors on personality has been actively studied for several decades. This pilot study analyzed data from a large-scale survey (N = 3,750) using a combination of traditional statistical techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) to examine the relationship between ABO blood type and personality. The results showed that respondents exhibited the personality traits corresponding to their own blood type more strongly than respondents who had different blood types did. This finding was consistent across all 8 traits, and all differences were statistically significant. In our survey, the same differences in scores were found in the groups who were less interested in the relationship between blood type and personality, although the values were smaller. A group of 1,067 participants with better knowledge of blood type personality, AI predicted blood type in 43.6% of the participants. In the case of entire 3,750 participants, it did 40.4%. If gender, age, and marital status were excluded, these rates decreased to 42.3% and 39.3% respectively; all these values were more than by chance. We observed a clear and significant relationship between blood type and personality in a large-scale survey. Meanwhile, the effect of the blood type is not always coherent, therefore consistent results cannot be obtained unless non-linear interactions with other factors and individual differences in personality sensitivity are considered. The results of conventional personality tests were also discussed.