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A multidimensional IRT model for continuous and graded responses with error in persons and items
  • Pere Ferrando,
  • David Navarro-González
Pere Ferrando
Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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David Navarro-González
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This article proposes two multidimensional extensions of existing DMs: the M-DTCRM, intended for (approximately) continuous responses, and the M-DTGRM, intended for ordered-categorical responses (including binary). A rationale for the extension to the multiple-content-dimensions case, which is based on the concept of the multidimensional location index, is first proposed and discussed. Then, the models are described using both the factor-analytic and the IRT parameterizations. Procedures for (a) calibrating the items, (b) scoring individuals, (c) assessing model appropriateness, and (d) assessing measurement precision are finally discussed. The proposals are submitted to be of particular interest for the case of multidimensional questionnaires in which the number of items per scale would not be enough for arriving at stable estimates.